Monday, July 18, 2005

Egg tumbler for malawi enthuisists

If you have ever kept cichlids from malawi and tried to breed them you may have noticed that you dont get much fry. This may be the cause of the mother or other fish eating the fry. To solve this problem you may need to go buy or make an Egg tumbler. First it is probably easier (and more expensive) to go out and buy a $25 egg tumbler. But if your budget is small like mine is then you may want to look into alternatives.
First scope out the a few of the local pet shops or maybe even a department store that sells fish products like walmart or meijers. You are looking for an undergravel uplift tube. Not the plate that sits on the bottom of your tank. If you cant find just an uplift tube then get the whole kit but it will be a few bucks more to do so. It should come with a small airstone but if it doesnt youll need to get one of those too.
Also, you will need to get some rubberbands (if you do not have any) and some fairly fine mesh netting. Like that from your net. (I went to the sporting goods section and got a mosquito net that you wear on your head.)

First, attach some netting to the bottom (widened) part. this will help keep fish from sucking the eggs through. Then where you stick in the next tube attach some more netting. You may not need a rubberband as you can push the tube along with the netting attached into the widened portion. this will create a "bed" for the fry.
When this part is done you can attach it to the inside of the tank with a suction cup . The ones for heaters work verywell.

Go ahead and pour the eggs into the lower half of the uplift tube.

Now, go ahead and put some netting on top of the "egg chamber"

Now, all exhausts on these things are different some require you to add air tube all the way down to the airstone some have a port on top to attach it to. Im sure you can figure out how to do this. All you have to remember is to keep it about an inch (or less)from the exhaust outlet.

Once all this is done, You are ready to make it work. Attach it to an air supply that you can control. If you cant then it would be a good idea to invest in some kind of valve that would enable you to do so. Turn it on. All you want to do is make the eggs "roll" on the bottom net or maybe even come up ever so slightly.
You will want to keep them in until the yolk sacs are gone. Make sure you remove any dead eggs that have fungus as they will ruin the whole batch.

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